Announcing PerfectDad bot for Discord

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Announcing PerfectDad bot for Discord

Don't have enough dad jokes in your life? Me neither! That's why I've been hard at work for the past two months building PerfectDad, the best dad joke bot for Discord.

PerfectDad is my first foray into the world of Discord bots and chat bots in general. I find conversational user experiences facinating and am super excited to see what other features users will want in the future. My friends and I have already had some fun with him as you can see below:

fun Discord conversation with Perfect Dad bot

Alas, I can not take credit for the amazing catalog of dad jokes - that honor goes to the C653 Labs team for their excellent icanhazdadjoke API.

Anyway, if you manage a Discord server be sure to install PerfectDad and prepare to be inundated with the best in dad joke technology.